Week 2: Social Media and Consumer Behaviour

Each week a question is asked to the students of Digital Media in Practice – A course in the Ryerson MBA program.  The question relates to assigned readings and focuses on different aspects of digital media.

This week we reviewed Pew Internet and American Life Project, Evans, Chapters 5-15, and Desperately seeking the consumer.

Identify one of your favorite social media campaigns…

I think the most clever social media campaign was Ikea’s use of photo tagging. For more info check the link on Mashable or watch this video ->.

Why? It used a feature of Facebook in a novel way to turn it into a game and saw great results. In short, the goal was to “tag yourself” in a photo of a Ikea showroom to win the item you tagged. The real value in this is that all of your Facebook friends (who you presumably had a good relationship with) would see a photo of an Ikea room every time they viewed your profile. This allowed Ikea to “borrow cool” from these users and share something in a fun, interesting way.

For a totally different reason I really enjoyed the Mr. Splashy Pants campaign. The idea behind this was to encourage people around the world to choose a name for an adopted whale – innocent enough. What actually happened is people chose the ridiculous but hilarious name “Mr. Splashy Pants”. Alexis Ohanian does a better job telling the story than I do, so watch this…

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