Instructional Practices

SAP video

Teaching complex software to large groups can be difficult.  Some students move through the processes very quickly, while others need more time to fully grasp the concepts.  Pacing is incredibly important when teaching software to ensure that no one is left behind while at the same time not moving too slowly for those faster learners.

For a course that was focused on logistics software (SAP) I created a video for each one of the modules that we covered in class.  Students could watch these videos before the lecture and come to class prepared with questions, but could also watch after the lecture while they were working through the projects.  This allowed students to supplement the in-class learning while moving at their own pace.

If you wanted to get ahead, or if you wanted a refresher, you can use these videos, in addition to the exercise documents to complete the Sales Order Process.  If you do choose to work through these, please email me a screenshot of the final screen.  You can work with a group to help each other get the concepts, but each individual needs to complete the exercise and show me (or email me) the screenshot.

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