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Living Room Before/After

Take a look at some before and after shots of the living room.

Although I do love the framed paintings of wolves, I must admit they are not mine. The “before” photos were from the home inspection when the previous owner was still living there.

In the living room we put new hardwood floors down, painted, and built new railings and stairs. I built the newel posts from scratch and they were a really enjoyable project. The staircase on the other hand was torture! I used oak treads all the way through the house and it just happened to be the hottest weekend of the year when I chose to do it. Definitely worth it though.

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Kitchen Table

As a Christmas gift, we wanted to build my soon-to-be in-laws a farmhouse kitchen table out of reclaimed barn board.

For the table top, I wanted to use something with a lot of character and history.  The more knots, scrapes, rusted nails, the better.  For the top materials, I made a trip to Historic Lumber, just north of Milton.  They reclaim materials from old barns and farmhouses around Southern Ontario.  Really cool stuff. Continue Reading →