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Student Government & Social Media

The College Student Alliance asked me to speak to new student leaders about how to effectively use social media within a student government context.

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Spark Plugs Presentation

For a newly created speaker series, I have been asked to speak about student engagement and social media.  Take a look through the presentation below!

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Facebook Cover Image Contest

In my role as Community Manager for the Humber Students’ Federation, my main focus is to encourage interaction among our students using digital media.  (it is more than just playing on Facebook all day – honest!) Continue Reading →

Social Media Policy

As Community Manager at the Humber Students’ Federation, my day to day role is to manage all of the digital content that is produced by the organization as well as guide a conversation around how we hope people to respond to it.  Although the organization had strong policy documents around communication, there was no policy that explicitly dealt with social media.  So I wrote one.

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