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Ontario College Presentation

This Flash based presentation was developed to inform high school students across Ontario about college options.

I was able to use a lot of animation to add visual interest to this project.  The project was built in Flash using ActionScript 3.0 to really make it interactive.

The concept of the presentation was a bulletin board full of information about colleges across the province.  The presentation zooms in to different parts of the bulletin board to give more information about specific topics with even more interaction at each level.  Some examples are a trivia game, an interactive map, and interactive bios about successful Ontario college graduates.

Technical Drawings – Richard Best

Richard Best is a furniture designer and builder in British Columbia who works mainly in  the traditional “craftsman” period.

Working with Richard allowed me to utilize my graphic design skills to make a project easier to complete.  In this case I used SolidWorks, a 3D CAD program to make a virtual model of the chair.  From this model drawings were printed as cutting patterns and renderings were created to show the chair with different finishes.

In addition to being the blueprints for the final design, the process of building the virtual model allowed for problem solving without the need to waste expensive material.

Product Rendering – RainX

Cadence Harbour Retail Design & Exhibits wanted to illustrate how a specific product would look in one of their new display pieces.  I used SolidWorks, a computer assisted drafting (CAD) program to construct all of the components as a 3D virtual model.  Once the model was built, I created photo quality renderings from those files.

These images were used to show what the products would look like inside the new display units.