Previous Courses

MDST4250 – Web Design for Digital Communications

In this course students will arrange, write and update blogs. They will also study how small-to-medium sized organizations operate sophisticated Web sites through open source content management systems (OSCMS). In addition, students will also learn to install, configure, and operate a Web site for a proposed organization using an OSCMS.

AHSS3080 – Web Design

This course examines the principles of successful website design and communication. Design issues and creative solutions to web page functionality, usability and content are explored. Lectures and supervised lab sessions enable students to create their own web site portfolio.

MDST4200 – Digital Communications Internship

In this course students gain practical experience in their area of specialization by completing an eight-week internship during their final semester. During the seventh semester faculty meet with students to review the internship process and requirements. All internships require the completion of a portfolio including various written components that prepare students for the workplace and consolidate their understanding of their profession. Students must be enrolled as full-time during the semester they are completing the internship. A critical analysis of the workplace and a portfolio based on student’s experience and acquired skills will be prepared.

MDST4210 – Media Practices

Through a multi-platform, multi-disciplinary approach this course exposes students to the full breadth of media in the 21st century. Working within their area of emphasis, students will collaborate with students in other media disciplines on a major media endeavour. This course will reflect the consolidation and vertical integration of media in the twenty-first century while providing students with an immersive media environment.

DGAS107 – Design Drafting

This course covers the theory, as well as practical exercises, in basic manual technical drafting processes. Students are introduced to equipment use, professional lettering procedures, terminology and two-dimensional drawing practices.